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The first version of Android 13 became available to developers


Google has released an early version of Android 13 Tiramisu to developers. The assembly will allow you to get acquainted with the capabilities of the OS. It is noted that at the moment the new operating system is unstable, so ordinary users should wait a bit with installing it on their devices.

The main innovations of the new Android include improved theme and privacy settings, various optimization features.

Dynamic Icons

The current build of Android 12 has a radically redesigned Material You user interface. Android 13 will continue to develop in this direction.

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A lot of attention in the interface is paid to dynamic application icons. So, now it is possible to adjust the color of icons not only for Google programs, but also for third-party ones. To access the feature, developers must create a monochrome label that supports the feature. The first devices to receive this feature will be Pixel devices, but in the future it will spread to devices of other brands.

themed app icons

Security and privacy

Regarding this point, Android 13 will get a tool to transfer photos and videos with the desired application without having to give the software access to all the files on the device. The function will be supported on devices with the eleventh Android and above.

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Other improvements

Among other innovations, it should be noted those updates that will not be visible to the average owner of an Android device. For example, a Wi-Fi access permission setting was added to the system, with which programs can find and join public wireless networks without providing location information. In addition, in each application it will be possible to configure languages ​​​​separately. It also announced the continued development of the Project Mainline project with a modular approach to updating the main components to provide more updates through Google Play, and not at the OS level.

You can install an early build of Android by downloading the distribution kit on the Google website. It will work on Pixel smartphones from the fourth generation, as well as in the Android Studio emulator. You can get acquainted with the approximate terms of releases of new assemblies below.

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